Why We Do What We Do

The Internet has revolutionized how the world learns, communicates and works. 

Today a diverse group of “communities” reply on the Internet, whether they be social, educational, industrial, commerce, economic development, protecting brand as well as digital presence.

In developed countries the Internet is being recognized as part of a nation’s critical infrastructure.  In developing countries people are beginning to see the benefits of what the Internet can bring to them in terms of information, education and economic development.

While the Internet supports over 1.6 billion users and over 180 million domain names, the Internet is poised for greater growth and adoption by the greater community.

The greatest deterrent to the intended benefits of the Internet comes from members of the malicious or criminal community which seek to profit through destabilization, creating fear and taking advantage of the vulnerable.  Such activity compromises the vulnerability of our children, decreases productivity, erodes e-confidence and dampens economic development.  Such malicious and criminal activity also erodes confidence in TLD choices upon which digital presence is based, organizational brand as well as a country’s or region’s digital reputation.


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