Protecting Brand

The basis for success for any business is its brand. Brand equals
identity. Brand is how consumers identify an organization’s respective
product or service. In the global Internet market, maintaining a
successful brand or digital image that is resilient to attacks is key to
gaining and retaining business; which is the basic recipe for success.

  • $4.6 million is the average loss in intellectual property,
    according to a survey of 1,000 companies in the US and Eruope,
    costing companies more than $100 billion world wide.
  • One virus along infected a new web page every 4.5 seconds.
  • In a survey of 1,000 companies in the US and Europe, 98%
    experienced tangible loss as a result of a cyber attack.
  • 46% of 1,000 organizations polled experienced downtime.
  • 31% of 1,000 organizations polled theft of customer or
    employee personal identifiable information.
  • 25% of 1,000 organizations were hit with theft of corporate
  • 88% of 1,000 organizations experienced a cyber attack in the
    last two years.
  • 31% of 1,000 organizations polled see attacks on a regular
  • 10% of 1,000 organizations polled experience extremely large
    number of attacks.
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