About The Program

The Internet has revolutionized how the world learns, communicates and works. 

Today a diverse group of “communities” reply on the Internet, whether they be social, educational, industrial, commerce, economic development, protecting brand as well as digital presence.

In many countries the Internet is being recognized as a part of that nation’s critical infrastructure.  Many businesses rely on the Internet for much, if not all of their business operations.

Organizations and countries utilize the Internet for it economic and digital presence on the global market.

With all of the “good” the Internet brings, the Internet also has a dark side.  Children are preyed upon by predators, cyber criminals target innocent users and organizations with the intent of creating financial harm, workers loose productivity due to spam and malicious activity, users have a lack of 3-confidence when it comes to online shopping, businesses suffer with businesses tied to a tainted TLD, efforts of the criminal and malicious community hamper economic development for both organizations and countries affected by cyber crime, organizational brands suffer from malicious activity and a country’s cyber presence can be viewed as unsafe if cybercrime is known to hit or source from their respective country.

The OneWorld DNS program seeks to bring ultimate resilience to the Internet by driving intelligence directly into the DNS.  The program not only targets removal of sources from the malicious or criminal communities, the program also seeks to aid organizations, countries, their customers and user base in gaining maximum benefit from the Internet.

To achieve this, the program places control in the hands of the administrator as to helping shape the Internet experience for their users.  This program also serves to maximize resiliency and reputation management.  The program has established categories by which people can define maximum resiliency.

OneWorld DNS seeks input from the larger community to further define categories.