Defending Cyber Image

The Internet presents instant visibility for your country. Maintaining a
presence resilient to attacks and a positive digital image attracts
business and economic development. Having a positive digital image
enhances your country’s global image.

  • Approximately 70% of all spam generated in 2009 comes from China.
  • China data centers harbor cyber criminals.
  • Cyber attacks are known to come from Russia.
  • Cyberwarfare attacks soured from Russia.
  • Large-scale, multi-national cyber espionage launched by China.
  • Asia Pacific and Japan attract cyber criminals due to lax attention
    to cyber security.
  • Online scams originate mostly from the US, Canada, Britain, Nigeria
    and China.
  • China ranks number 1 in bot-infected computers.
  • In Europe, Lisbon, Portugal ranks as the number 1 city for bot-infected
  • For Europe, Russia ranks number 1 for bot command-and-control
  • For Europe Ukraine was the top country for web-based attacks.
  • Largest web-based attacks originated in the US, followed by China,
    then Brazil and then South Korea.
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