A Few Words About The Consortium
OneWorld DNS sees the power of DNS as providing the most comprehensive shield to protect
children, fight cybercrime, increase productivity, enhance e-confidence along with boosting
TLD confidence, supporting economic development, brand protection and defending a
country’s cyber image.
What We Offer
  • Intelligence to fight the Internet’s malicious community
  • An experienced user-base of DNS providers
  • An experienced user-base of malicious monitoring organizations.
Our Principles
1. Creating a safe environment for non-malicious users of the Internet.

Whether through the use of spam, phishing, hijacking or other methods to cause harm through malicious intent towards users of the Internet, OneWorld DNS strives to bring forth a safer Internet for all of its users.

2. Drive intelligence directly into the DNS.

While many organizations provide solutions for protecting users at the far edge of a network,
such as a corporate data center, the ubiquity of such solutions are spotty and inconsistent at best.
The common denominator for the Internet is the DNS. OneWorld DNS works to drive such
safety elements directly

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